Brand and


Building on our pioneering heritage, we are using our knowledge, expertise and our capabilities to define the future of reproductive health.

In FY20, our marketing strategy was updated to enable us to unlock additional value and drive incremental growth. We identified four key drivers that will increase brand equity, market share and growth in our patient pipeline. These are brand differentiation, patient lifecycle engagement, patient value proposition and marketing effectiveness.

Strengthening our brand differentiation

This year we launched a new brand strategy and identity for Monash IVF Group.

This new strategy acknowledges that reproductive health is not well understood within society and that our role extends beyond just treating patients for infertility.

Our new brand identity reflects the authentic, caring and empathetic patient experience we provide to our patients every day.

Patient lifecycle engagement

The new channel marketing strategy implemented in FY20 is driving positive momentum across our patient pipeline. This is reflected in a significant lift in new patient enquiries post COVID-19 compared to the previous comparison period, and an increase in market share in all markets in the last quarter of FY20.

Our new advertising campaign, Brave Together, was launched in the last quarter to acknowledge the bravery our patients show in pursuing their dream of starting a family. It is the start of a much needed conversation in society about fertility.

The number of patients engaging with our fertility specialists has significantly increased as a result of new digital events including weekend fertility retreats, webinars, and live chats through social media.

Enhancing our Patient Value Proposition

In FY20 we continued to focus on key priorities that will enhance the value proposition to our patients.

Empower patients with the right information at the right time.
Improve patient care experiences in clinic, online and over the phone.
Improve patient outcomes by advancing fertility science, research, and technology.
Evolve our service offering to meet changing needs.