Our patients, their needs and the care that we provide are the focus of Monash IVF’s Clinical Governance framework. We understand that working with our patients, informing them and involving them in decisions about their care will help us to meet their needs and deliver the care that they expect and desire.

We have developed a Clinical Governance framework, which sets out the key systems, structures and processes that guides the quality of the care that we provide. Within this framework, clinicians and clinical teams are supported by management. Through strong clinical leadership and clinical engagement, clinicians are actively involved in risk management and continue to foster a culture that seeks to monitor our activities, learn from our experiences and implement relevant and effective, evidence based improvement activities.

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a cross functional review of how our services are delivered; with telehealth services being more widely introduced and a range of infection control, social distancing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) measures being implemented across the organisation designed for the safety of both our patients and teams, while continuing to deliver care.

Over the past year, the Monash IVF Group clinician training program has seen a further 12 doctors participate in furthering their skills and capabilities to ensure that Monash IVF is best placed to manage complex cases across our sites.