We have continued to develop mutually beneficial and long term partnerships with our doctors. Through these strong partnerships, we together strive to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

The strength of these partnerships was proven as we worked closely with our state Medical Directors and their clinical teams to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Together with our Medical Directors, we implemented safe clinical protocols to protect our staff and patients whilst causing minimal disruption in services.

In collaboration with Monash Research Education Fund (MREF), we celebrated working together at the annual clinic education weekend, held in November 2019. The event was a great success and will continue in 2021.

Our doctor group continues to grow in size, reflecting that Monash IVF Group is a destination of choice for developing and experienced fertility specialists. In FY20 we welcomed 8 new doctors to the Monash IVF Group network, bringing our total number of doctors to 121.

Importantly, most of our doctors are now contracted to Monash IVF Group. This includes all of our Victorian fertility specialists, bringing our total proportion of contracted doctors across the group to over 97 per cent.

Our foundation for the future is strong, with 12 doctors currently in our fertility specialist traineeship programs across Australia, providing us with a strong pipeline for growth and succession planning. This includes two new Victorian fertility specialists who will be ready for patient management in quarter one, FY21.

Our doctors continue to play an important role in our business, particularly as we look ahead to the delivery of major projects and new technologies, such as a new fertilisation technique utilising Piezo ICSI. As we look ahead, our priority is to continue to attract like-minded experienced fertility specialists to partner with us in all our geographies, and continue to grow our doctor network in the full service IVF market domestically and abroad in South East Asia.