Research and


Monash IVF Group is dedicated to ensuring its research and innovation has the ability to transform patient care and improve patient outcomes.

In FY20 Monash IVF Group (MVF) was a successful partner in several multi-million dollar NHMRC grants. Partnerships included the University of Melbourne and Newcastle University in investigating environmental effects on male fertility; and University of South Australia investigating novel methods for isolating circulating trophoblast cells for next generation Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT). Further industry partnerships have been established and funded through the Monash Research and Education foundation (MREF) to drive the company’s research commitment.

The Group Scientific Advisory Committee (GSAC) has developed an arm dedicated to driving research and innovation within our scientific teams, in partnership with commercial and academic entities. As part of our commitment to scientific excellence, scientists from within our laboratory networks across all disciplines (embryology, genetics, andrology and endocrine) have initiated over 20 projects in FY20 that span multiple states to ensure collaboration is powered by the scale of the Monash IVF Group laboratory network.

As part of our commitment to market leading success rates and being a world leader in championing new technologies, the phase one clinical trial investigating a novel and more gentle microinjection technology was completed and a multi-center phase two clinical trial initiated. This technology results in increased fertilisation rates and an increased number of embryos cryopreserved which will provide improved outcomes for our patients. In addition, Monash IVF Group has also continued its partnership with Memphasys on developing technology for sperm preparation and selection and is further partnering on other technologies in the male infertility arena.

FY20 saw the initiation of the first Monash IVF Group PhD Scholarship in conjunction with the Monash University. This will enable us to further drive our commitment to ensuring the development of excellence in scientific leadership, as well as advancement in clinical practice.

Industry partnerships have been established and funded through the Monash Research and Education Foundation (MREF) to drive the company’s research commitment.