Monash IVF Group is dedicated to providing world-class science and research, which facilitates the delivery of market leading success rates for our patients.

This commitment is led by the Group Scientific Advisory Committee (GSAC) comprising of the Group Scientific Directors.

In FY20 pregnancy rates continued to improve across the country due to the end-to-end laboratory reviews. This was coupled with further alignment of laboratory protocols across Monash IVF Group in conjunction with scientific learning modules and knowledge assessments for the entire scientific workforce.

Innovation and state of the art diagnostics continued to be a strong focus of FY20 with the following achievements attained:

  • Construction and accreditation of an IVF pathology laboratory for Monash IVF Victoria (endocrine and andrology) with a state of the art sperm vapour storage capability.
  • A major upgrade of the pathology laboratory in NSW including a state of the art blood analysis platform.
  • Further roll-out of automated semen analysis across the country.
  • Launch of NIPT version 2.0 (NEST+) for use in early pregnancy.

With the impending launch of government facilitated success rates, the GSAC in conjunction with the Monash IVF Group Board has formalised a new way of success rate reporting to facilitate comparative benchmarking. The compiled data demonstrates steady improvements in success rates ensuring the delivery of the best possible outcomes for our patients.