Creating a better patient experience

We are proud of the passion and commitment our people continue to demonstrate to our patients. Despite the operational challenges presented by COVID-19, we ensured that the patient experience continued to be caring and empathetic.

We made significant inroads during the year to progress our patient focus and experience.

  • An online booking system was introduced for our Sydney Ultrasound business increasing convenience for our patients.
  • Digitisation of the pre-treatment and day surgery admission processes was undertaken through the trial of a mobile platform in our South Australian clinic.
  • A patient experience vision was developed to support delivery of a consistent, best in class patient experience across our States and clinics.
  • The financial elements of the patient experience were reviewed to improve patient convenience, empathy and care.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) remains the key measure of patient satisfaction across the Group. Our Group NPS ended the year strongly at 58.5%.This increase on last year, despite the operational impact of COVID-19, is a success for our Group. We are pleased to see that the number of patients who have had a positive experience and would recommend our services is continuing to grow. We continue to use the insights gained through our Net Promoter Score measurement program to identify service improvements.

Our Group NPS ended the year strongly at 58.5%